Environmental Education Awareness

Conserving India Biodiversity: - A U.K. Govt.s supported educational

project under Darwin Initiative was successfully implemented in various Govt., Public and Pvt. schools of Uttarakhand. Teachers and Students from each school were trained with technical and financial support from Center for Environment Education (CEE) on local biodiversity conservation


A European Union (EU) supported project was initiated under CLEAN-India (Community Led Environment Action Network) banner in collaboration with Development Alternatives (DA) with the objective to sensitize local civic authorities, school management, teachers and students about of urban issues for positive actions.

The issues addressed under the projects were Environment Degradation, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Soiled Waste Management (SWM), Deforestation, Eco-festivity, growing population and pollution level (Air, Water and Noise) and unplanned urbanization of Doon Valley.

Waste Management

Project Life with three R s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) was initiated in Doon Valley, Hills of Mussoorie and on the bank of Holi River Ganges in Rishikesh It was an anti-polythene and urban waste management program. Various awareness campaigns were organized to popularize CLEAN and eco-friendly practices with our development partner Center for Development Communication, Jaipur (UN Habitat Awardees).

Chalo Gaon ki Aur (Community Based Rural and Responsible Tourism)

An innovative Community Based Rural and Responsible Tourism project is starting to be implemented to showcase the uniqueness and inspiring aesthetics of mountain villages and to attract nature lovers and travellers alike..